Concrete is largely the most popular building topic matter within the enviornment, nonetheless even this ubiquitous topic matter is susceptible to damage. Engineers hold presented ingenious designs over the years to guard severe concrete structures with the goal of minimizing exposure. Infrequently, nonetheless, venture can hold mighty higher safety requirements. Concrete protective liners manufactured from marvelous superb resins love polyethylene, leverage the resin’s topic matter qualities to scheme a approach-impenetrable barrier in opposition to water and corrosive compounds. Certain-Grip has a 25-year tune picture of success across hundreds of applications from man-made islands to nuclear vitality plants.

This webinar will introduce viewers to AGRU’s Certain-Grip and bump into a host of applications that would possibly aid from a highly elastic concrete protective liner that offers corrosion and water resistance.
For the length of the webinar, viewers will:

Discover about five sorts of damage that would possibly compromise the integrity of unprotected concrete structures.

Realize the variations between traditional linings and Certain-Grip concrete protective liners.

Discover in regards to the systems AGRU uses to ascertain and benchmark its liners.

Search for the manner Certain-Grip’s installation prices, carrier lifetime, and repairs prices compares with competing products.

Discover about Certain-Grip technical specifications and conventional applications.