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President Moon Jae-in visited Korea’s very first “zero energy” joint housing unit the build energy consumption has been enormously diminished by contrivance of insulation work and the spend of renewable energy. The consult with is allotment of his aim to revamp the nation’s energy policies.


President Moon Jae-in visited Korea’s very first “zero energy” home building that has opened in Seoul’s Nowon-gu district. The building uses renewable energy sources comparable to geothermal warmth and sunlight besides to materials obedient in insulation and sealing sides. This vogue, it might perhaps perhaps perhaps keep energy consumption by as vital as 61% when put next to extraordinary properties.

[Soundbite] Pres. Moon Jae-in : “Is there no likelihood of unhappy air waft affecting indoor air quality?”

[Soundbite] Lee Myeong-joo(President of Zero Energy Housing Project) : “The air waft instrument which offers oxygen 24 hours a day all year round will also be operated by relieving warmth.”

The 49 billion received mission began construction in 2013. A total of 121 households beget moved in including newlyweds and senior voters. President Moon hailed the building as a feature model of providing both housing welfare and energy welfare to the socially inclined.

[Soundbite] Pres. Moon Jae-in : “For such policies to attain success, many of these energy independent towns and home complexes must be constructed.”

He mentioned the zero energy home home has capability to step beyond energy independence and even compose into a metropolis neighborhood, and expressed obtain to the bottom of to extra foster these housing models.