From regain admission to roads to residential streets, set preparation to slope stabilization, load distribution to rail repair, and all the pieces in between–No longer easy Cell is a set-fine accurate ground solution for projects tall and exiguous.

No longer easy Cell is a special cell confinement system or “geocell” for soil stabilization and reinforcement that enables price-saving and sustainable highway construction on difficult and problematic soils.

No longer easy Cell permits you to originate lower-price, sustainable roads, all year long, whereas reducing as much as 50% of your accomplishing’s price and length. No longer easy Cell is fabricated from Neoloy, a unusual nano-polymeric alloy (NPA) which maintains its dimensional steadiness in a extensive variation of temperatures (-60⁰ to +60⁰), under dynamic and cyclic loadings, and is extremely immune to polymeric hunch.

Intensive, worldwide accomplishing skills and a deep working out of geotechnical engineering and the working mechanisms of cell confinement skills are key components in combining this progressive and price-saving skills with established and permitted develop methodologies for progressive functions.

Handle tuned, we are able to be launching a No longer easy Cell three section weblog series this summer, that can explore the advantages, functions, technical facet plus a first fee comparability to a few standard affords ragged for an analogous functions.