Scottland – college building with Bentofix® – For waterproofing of earthen constructions (vertical walls as well to flat areas), the sealing circulation of the Bentofix® Geosynthetic Clay Liner is supreme. When venerable with concrete, the bentonite-stuffed quilt nonwoven of the Bentofix® fills and seals micro cracks that will also merely exist in the concrete, creating a further sealing layer. Because reinforced concrete constructions are porous by nature and are inclined to cracking, natural sodium bentonite is an supreme sealing enviornment matter ensuing from its capacity to swell when fascinating with water, creating an impermeable barrier. The gel-take care of consistency of hydrated sodium bentonite, critically the bentonite impregnated into the nonwoven, enables it to mildew to the profile of the reinforced concrete element, sealing tiny surface cracks as well to those going down when the structure is in service. For this methodology to feature accurately, it is required that the bentonite barrier has train contact with the reinforced concrete element it is holding. So it prevents fluid circulation between the elment surface and the sealing system itself. BENTOFIX® BFG 5000 is supreme for waterproofing applications since the outer layer of the nonwoven geotextile is impregnated with a further layer of natural sodium bentonite over its complete surface dwelling.