This webinar covers the fundamentals of the utilization of AGACAD‘s #PrecastConcrete add-ons for #Revit to develop modeling & documentation efficiency. Especially geared for out-of-field Revit customers or in case you will fancy to change from AutoCAD 2D to #BIM.
• modeling partitions and floor the utilization of unsightly Revit 3: 13
• splitting a wall into separate panels 6: 02
• HCS and DT slabs 10: 55
• warped DT or slabs with structural framing aspects 19: 34
• inserting CONNECTIONS 22: 30 | CUTS 29: 10 | CORBELS 32: 40
• (the technique to access pattern project 34: 20)
• numbering aspects 36: 17
• shop drawings 40: 50

AGACAD arrangement veteran: Precast Concrete BIM Resolution
►Entire BIM arrangement for detailed modeling of precast concrete aspects in Revit. Precast Concrete permits you to swiftly and without affirm model prefabricated concrete partitions, floor, and columns and derive corpulent project updates on the Revit platform in accurate time. Manufacture ingredient views with automatic dimensions, and generate payments of supplies and shop drawings for good manufacturing and moral assembly on build.

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Hosted by: AGACAD’s Valensas Balsevičius | MEng Structural Engineering, BIM Utility Engineer

Printed: September 27, 2019

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